Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Detroit News Electronic Edition

On April 8, the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press converted to three day a week publishing, and are selling electronic editions every day.

Since the switch, I have been setting my laptop on the kitchen counter and reading the "paper". First, I like the electronic edition more than the paper edition. I don't think I want to get the paper one any more. It would be nice if I could read the paper on my iPod, but I can't. Other sites work better on my iPod. The iPod works pretty well on the couch in the evening.

The best thing about the electronic version is that I can read it in ten minutes. So fast. So easy. Great download speed.

The worst thing is that the Detroit papers have cancelled a lot of the content that I want to read. That is one reason I can read it so fast. For example, the political columnists and brand-name advice columnists are gone. Of course, I could find these guys on
I suppose I could just put a link to them on my home page.

My dilemma is whether I should switch to another electronic newspaper like the electronic New York Times or the electronic USA Today. These would have more feature stories, but then most of those stories are available for free, and there would not be any local coverage. Not there there is much Southgate Michigan coverage anyway.

I have been paying $10-12/month for news, and I don't think electronic delivery is a problem. I would rather be able to read several different newspapers rather than being restricted to one paper. Also I don't like paying for this lite version of the Detroit News. I feel like a fool.