Saturday, April 4, 2009

European Coatings Show

This week was my  7-day trip to Europe. I flew to Amsterdam and visited a factory in Netherlands; drove down to Nuernberg; and then visited BASF in Ludwigshafen afterwards. 

On the business side, I got to meet company people in German and there are so many projects we needed to update. The European Coatings show was surprisingly well attended, and I got to meet several American customers, and a  zillion European  suppliers. It was larger than the American show, but not supergiant like the Plastics Show for example. 

On the personal side, it was nice to walk around the park in Netherlands, and to tour around in the Old City in Nuernberg.  The highlights were the Reisling and the Weis Beer.  I also had some good blanched aspargus, which they call spargel. Oh, and I got the upgrade to business class on the way home. Cheap BASF makes use fly tourist.