Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPod Shuffle Gen3 - Volume Control is not Waterproof

As you may recall from my previous postings,  my iPod Gen3 was replaced by Apple when the volume control stopped working. Now the replacement one has the same issue.

It seems that the cord controller is not waterproof, and it stops working when wet. Worse, it sends commands to the iPod increasing the volume periodically. 

I have a work around. When the volume starts changing randomly -- pause it and unpause it. That will freeze the volume where it is. You can also turn it off, and turn it on, to reset the volume to the middle. When the controller is wet, it is hard to simply turn it down. It also helps to watch the LED on the iPod when you press the controller, to see if it is getting the message you are sending. 

I use my iPod when I exercise, and I do that most days. I like the lightness of this ipod, and I like being able to use playlists to control what songs or podcasts that I listen to. I use a regular iPod during the rest of the day, so I don't need advanced features. This one is somewhat nicer to clip to my shirt than my old Gen2 iPod.

What I don't like is the VOLUME CONTROL. It seems that the controller gets wet, and then it develops a mind of its own. Randomly increasing the volume. Preventing me from turning the volume down. Suddenly during the iPod off. This happens after about twenty minutes of exercise.

I sent my first iPod Gen 3 back to Apple because the Apple Support guy did not know what to do. Apple sent me a new one by FedEx, so that was good.

I was disappointed when the second Gen3 iPod did the same thing.

Now, I am thinking of wrapping the controller in teflon tape or something similar to waterproof it. It should not be too had to keep the ends dry. Truthfully, a few drops of epoxy glue would probably seal it well, but I would like to start with a temporary repair