Sunday, August 20, 2017

Brooks Glycerin 15 and Adidas Pure Boost

I never bought a pair of Brook's Glycerins because they were so heavy. I would try them on, and it was just too much foam under my feet. These Glycerin 15's weigh 338 g, which is a tiny bit heavier than my Ghost 9's at 335g, and noticeably heavier than the Brook's Launch at 292 g. (These are in size 11. The size 10.5 were 333 g; that was too small and I took them back.)

I wonder if the new Glycerin 15 is going to be as protective because there only 3 grams heavier. Maybe I should have tried on those Ghosts again. 

The last shoes I bought were the lighter weight Brook's Launch, which I haven't worn too much because my feet have hurt. I am not blaming the Launch, because I haven't worn them much, however, I would have worn them more if my feet felt better.

One of my problems is walking around barefoot too much in the summer. I keep trying to make myself wear sandals, and that is helping slowly.

Do you like the style? The black looks better than the other colors, but Brook's shoes just look like running shoes, while many Nike running shoes have more design. (Of course, I didn't like those as well on my feet.) These Brook's beat the hell out of the Adidas Pure Boost below for style. See below.

Prior to the Glycerin 15's I had purchased these Adidas Pure Boost, which have a big chuck of springy foam on a simple upper and outsole. They feel great to walk around in, but can simply be too soft in the forefoot. They were the only Boost Shoe that was in stock at my local Dick's Sporting Goods. I wanted to try these on, because I have had trouble buying Adidas shoes via the internet because the fit wasn't right. I did not want another shoe that was too small. 

These shoes are 331 grams, just 2 grams less than the Glycerin's that I think are so heavy. 

My other Boost shoes have lasted a long time. Two pairs were retired because of the upper rather than wear on the sole. 

These are about the plainest shoes in the store. They make the Brook's look fashionable. They were only $79.99 which is much less than the $150 that I paid for Boost shoes when they were new. Presumably the upscale ones look better, but my local Dick's didn't have them.  I am guessing Adidas put these low-end shoes out for back-to-school sales. 

I am not so happy buying so many shoes so fast. I hope to rotate these shoes and not buy more for a while.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Brooks Launch

I got these Brooks' Launch 4 shoes on April 1, 2017. Not sure why I got them, I had just done a race, and I thought my old shoes were a little to heavy for racing in. Also my feet were not sore, so I thought I lighter shoe would be more fun to run in. 

This Brooks shoe is better looking all the other Brooks that I have had. 

I am pretty happy with these. I haven't had sore feet after wearing them despite the relatively thinner sole. 

One shoe weighs 292 grams. My Brooks Ghost 9's weighed 335 g and the my Brook's Ghost 8's weighed 345g.  

I love this image. The color is so bright, and I like how the texture of the sole is visible with the laces fuzzed out. 
For once I took photos before wearing the shoes, and they are clean for a change. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

19 Intrinsic Crimes -- Two Favorite Wine Labels

I was at the wine store. And depraved person the that I am, I bought two bottles because I like the graphic design on the label. The Intrinsic, which is a Cab from Washington State, had a wrap around label, so I took a picture with the panoramic function on my phone -- worked great.