Friday, June 30, 2017

Brooks Launch

I got these Brooks' Launch 4 shoes on April 1, 2017. Not sure why I got them, I had just done a race, and I thought my old shoes were a little to heavy for racing in. Also my feet were not sore, so I thought I lighter shoe would be more fun to run in. 

This Brooks shoe is better looking all the other Brooks that I have had. 

I am pretty happy with these. I haven't had sore feet after wearing them despite the relatively thinner sole. 

One shoe weighs 292 grams. My Brooks Ghost 9's weighed 335 g and the my Brook's Ghost 8's weighed 345g.  

I love this image. The color is so bright, and I like how the texture of the sole is visible with the laces fuzzed out. 
For once I took photos before wearing the shoes, and they are clean for a change.