Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Brand-New Generation 3 Ipod Shuffle is Broken

My New IPod Shuffle Review

I got my new iPod on Sunday, and it is light and easy to use. It takes some time to get used to the menus which a voice-synthesizer reads into your ear buds. 

The bad part is the little control on the headphone wire. It is a three button switch for increasing volume, decreasing volume and for changing songs. By listening carefully to the menu, and clicking or double clicking one can pick the song you want from among playlists. 

My problem is the little control is broken. I could raise the volume, but I could not lower it. I was at the gym exercising, and suddenly the earbuds were screeching in my ears, and I could not turn it down. I pressed on the button until my fingers turned red, but even after repeated reinstalling still no luck. 

I called the Apple Service Line and actually got to talk to a person. He kept me on the line for a while, but is promising me a whole new iPod. The Apple guy would not send me a new cord. He said they wanted the old one back first, so I have to mail it to them.

I use my IPod Shuffle when I exercise. The little iPod is so light and easy to wear. I use it for podcasts while I weight-lift and listen to fast music while I run. On the bright side, the iPod syncs flawlessly with iTunes -- something that my Gen 2 iPods did not do so well. 

 It looks like I need to carry my big ipod around for a while.