Saturday, April 11, 2009

General Dynamics

Following up the on the preceding post on the fictional company Veridian Dynamics, I find out that defense contractor General Dynamics bought Veridian in 2003. Veridian was an computer services company based in Michigan.

Wikipedia claims the drawing at right was a logo for General Dynamics in 1960. This strikes me as a possible hoax on Wikipedia. I wish that this flying boat was a General Dynamics logo even if it was not. General Dynamics has run some strange ads that have been as whimscal as this; perhaps it was an ad and not a logo.

The 2009 logo for General Dynamics is below. I can't find a higher resolution graphic than this.

I suppose someone at General Dynamics is mad about the Veridian Dynamics satire, but the lawyers at Disney must have checked it out first, and Disney lawyers as supposed to be tough. I suspect most of the people at General Dynamics think it is as funny as I do.