Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Detroit News Electronic Edition and the Electronic Newspaper

I was unsure about the value of a digital newspaper as voiced on my previous post, however, I have come to like the electronic newspaper.

Mainly, it is a more useful, more convenient place to read the news than a source like the NY Times free site, or the USA Today free site. Secondly, it is a better place to get the local news than a TV station site like

Even though this costs some money, I think it is worth it. 

It sounds petty, but I am happy I don't need to go get the paper in the driveway every morning, nor deal with piles of old newspaper. Truthfully, I was looking for something to cover the carpet when I was painting yesterday -- so that is problem -- guess I'll need to buy a drop cloth. 

My complaint is that this version of the Detroit News is not as good as the old one was, because it is shorter. 

I would be happier if my Detroit News subscription got me viewing rights at some other regional papers. I think that would be a clever extension that would not cost anyone too much.