Sunday, May 31, 2009

Greg is So Happy with his MacBook Memory Upgrade

I am happy with my computer memory upgrade. 

I have a 1.83 GHz Mac Book Core Duo. It is the one in the white polycarbonate case, not the cool aluminum one. It is serving me well, as it enters its third year. 

I upgraded the memory to 2GB which is the maximum for this configuration. I got the chips (two 1GB, 200-pin SODIMM) at Crucial Memory

Memory installation is easy, as you can access it by removing three screws inside the battery compartment. This youtube video makes it easy. I felt a little bit bad about buying memory at Crucial, but using the great user instructions from, but I could not figure out how to buy what I wanted at 4allmemory's site. 

Bottom line is the the computer is noticeably faster. I generally have too many applications open, and switching between them lags.  Now even Safari is opening new tabs faster. 

I had been culled into laxatude by the how the OSX Activity Monitor said that there was always free memory with my old 1 GB configuration. Now Activity Monitor has an entire 1GB in active memory, and the rest in other categories of memory. (What does "Wired" memory mean?)