Friday, May 1, 2009

ipod Shuffle Gen3 - Final Chapter

I gave up on my iPod Generation 3, or Gen3, and returned it to Apple. As you may recall from previous posts, I have had a problem with the volume control on the earbud cord when it got damp. It always was damp because I wear it exercising, and it is sweaty from either my shoulder or my neck. While I am flattered that I am a rough and tough enough jock to foul a piece of electronic equipment, I did want the iPod to work. 

Apple had two work-arounds, to loop the cord to hold the control off my shoulder, and to reduce the maximum sound in iTunes. Neither of these worked well. The loop always slipped, and I simply needed the sound to be louder sometimes that others. 

I was dealing with a service rep in the engineering department since this was a problem that t
Apple was trying hard to fix. He offered me an nice iPod Nano instead. This was a Gen 4 Nano with 8GB, so that was a better deal -- about twice as expensive.

Now I have my Nano, and it seems to work well. I hope that its larger size is not going to be an issue. The Shuffle hangs from my shirt. I am going to have to buy a holder for the Nano.