Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Greg's New iPod Nano G4 is Non-Responsive :-(

I had been hoping that after my ordeal with my Gen3 iPod Shuffle that fate would smile on my iPod Nano G4, but well, no. It died on my after running Monday morning. It died, dead with no resetting or restarting.

I dutifully recharged it, and in the evening I connected it to iTunes, but was not able to "Restore" it meaning to wipe the memory and reinstall the software. I succeeded in doing that today. However, even after multiple resets, the click-wheel, and the center selection button remained inert and not working. It is worth pointing out that the "Lock" switch on the top worked, and I could make the little lock icon go on and off. I could also restore it over and over.

I could not use the click wheel to do anything. Not even select the language in the start-up dialog.

I called Apple via the support.apple.com site, and they are going to trade it in for me. The are mailing me a box since I don't want to drive 33 miles to the nearest Apple store in Novi. 

I suppose that is good. I wish these iPods would last longer.

I know that I use my ipod a lot, and I really liked my purple Nano, but I don't think I am that hard on them. I wonder what happened. I wonder if it got wet.