Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adidas Running Shoes - My Shoe Review

Lately I have been running six days a week, and I run the vast majority of the miles inside on a treadmill. Only in the nice Spring weather am I tempted outside. Mostly I am afraid of wrecking my knees on poorly graded roads. I could run outside on a nice even track.

I bought new pair of running shoes. I always get Adidas, because they work for me, and because they have a nice over-built heel that protects my feet. I have a bone-spur on my left heel which is not bothering me at all with my old Adidas  -- which are Lifestyle EVA. The white ones below. 

The uppermost shoes is my oldest, and I can't find the name, and the model number is worn off. It has a big heel that extends behind the shoe, and looks like it gives a good cushion. The bottom of the shoe is pretty conventional; as you can see in the picture of the sole. It has a channel for flexing, but the sole is so thick it could never bend there.

The blue shoe is an Electra -- it is much lighter, and I did not like it as well; but I bought a smaller size. The heel is less extended, but the sole has a hollow under the heel to protect the heel spur area -- so I like that. This worked well, and all my newer soles are like that. It is nice and light. As you can see it did wore really well. The rubber in the sole has degraded although it still looks good, due to using it inside only.

The white show is a Lifestrike EVA , and it is quite similar to the Electra with a little heavier top. I think differences are mostly cosmetic. Another good shoe. 

My newest show is a Boston Running Shoe, and obviously it is the coolest looking. The heel has the least pronounced protective barrier on the heel, and the sole is generally thinner. The shoe is lighter too. Just walking around, I feel spritely -- and that does not happen often. I am not sure I am going to be happy with it. The lighter shoe is not protecting my heel as well. The upper is quite thin, and is more of a sandal. The sole has holes in it -- probably just for weight. I can't think that sole holes sell more shoes, but maybe. There really is no reason for multi-colored soles but to look cool in the store.

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