Monday, June 15, 2009

Skinny Canadians

I spent the day in Toronto doing a sales seminar. I was taken with how the people were thinner there. Toronto is not far away -- its just a few miles from Buffalo and driving distance from Detroit. 

Toronto is a fairly cosmopolitan city, but it is more Americanized than most of Canada too. I was used to Europeans being thinner, but I was surprised. My impression is that Canada is like America, but metric. Well, not exactly. 

When I got back to DTW Detroit Airport, and I looked at a gateful of chubby Americans. I thought, "Wow, these people are even fatter than I thought." Then I noticed it was the flight to Las Vegas. 

The above graph are from the OECD Health Databook. 

The one of the left is the percent of people with over 30 in body mass index. The one of the right is the obesity rates in different countries -- captions in Spanish.