Sunday, October 31, 2010

Images of Jesus 2

The Jesus Photo
This image is said to be compiled from study of the Shroud of Turin and according to the story  Sai Baba in India blessed a paper copy, and manifested it as a color glossy photo of Jesus.

More likely it is a photo of a painting by Paul Tebay based on a 1931 photograph of the shroud by Guiseppe Enrie. The link to the 1931 photo is based on the shadows and the fold.

I still like the feeling the photo invokes.

Jesus the Redeemer or Christo Redemptor
I love the 130 foot tall, 635 ton concrete statue on Corcovado mountain near Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  It was completed in 1931.

It is cool because it is just, plain big.

The statue over the city evokes the idea of God watching over the world.

Stained Glass Window in side a tomb in Green Wood Cemetery  - New York City (Brooklyn)

I have always liked stain-glass. The intensity of color can't be duplicated in other media.

I like this window because of the expression on Jesus' face. Most stained glass Christs have less evocative faces. This is more of a painting on glass.

Cubist Jesus by Jerry Bacik

I like the mystery and the action of this painting. Sometimes less realism is better.

See also Bacik's blog.

Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth

Of all the live actor images of Jesus, I like this one.

Yes I know it is a-historical in that we have a green-eyed European, but I still like it.   A BBC program did a sketch of a historically accurate male from Roman Palestine, and he has a big nose, round eyes, and short hair.

One gets a lot of feeling from the frayed hood, and the hollows below his eyes.

I never liked the Jesus of Nazareth movie because of its slow, slow pacing. I liked the visuals though.

This is an image of Jesus that I grew up with. Not literally, I wish I had a photo from my childhood church in Wisconsin.

It may not be in vogue today, but it has a lot emotional impact.

It is affecting on many levels.

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