Sunday, June 6, 2010

Images of Jesus

I was prepping my last post, and I was looking for a 1970's era sketch of Jesus that showed him a square jaw and bulked up dimensions, but no luck

I did find some interesting pictures of Jesus, primarily this site, which I recommend. The Wikipedia page is also good.

I find these images of Jesus fascinating to look at because they say a lot about the artist and the kind of Jesus he wanted/imagined/was inspired by.

The one at right is a nice modern Jesus. He is pretty filled out, I don't think he has skipped many meals. Dramatic with movie-set lighting.
 This Jesus is a more spiritual, mystical Jesus. He does not have a context, but floats in space.

This next Jesus is "Buddy Christ," from the movie Dogma. I think it is funny every time I see it. Of course it is a parody, not a serious image of God.

I love Buddy Christ because it looks like what an advertising agency would do with Jesus if he were marketed like detergent.

This is from the Spanish (originally Greek) artist El Greco, who is one of my favorite artists. It is from about 1580.

I love the dramatic style.

In 1580, Jesus did not look well fed and strong.

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