Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Try to Change the Battery on your Oral-B Toothbrush

Most times home repair projects work great, right? Usually a couple hours of work is rewarded a sense of accomplishment accompanied by monetary savings.  Sometimes not.

I had an Oral-B electric toothbrush which as actually made by Braun. It was a Professional Series 8000 model, which is blue with a white insert.

The battery stopped taking a charge, and so I bought a battery on line at Ebay from Integribiz, who sent me a battery for $15.99.

I opened up the battery by pressing on the little white plastic rivet that holds the insides inside. This was a mistake. I could slide the inside out generally, but I had to stretch and tear an electrical cord.

This should have been a sign. By the time I had the toothbrush apart irreversible damage had been done. I think the interior had been glued in place, and removal had to done by force.

Later I got the whole toothbrush apart, and I was pretty pleased. It was going to be pretty ugly, but I was hoping that I'd get it reassembled.

However, it turned out the battery housing was welded to the battery post. Not solder either, actually welded. This was a problem. I was wondering what to do, when I found  . . . .

I found that the replacement battery was actually too large. That is the store sold me the wrong size.  This was hopeless.

At this point, I took pictures of everything and decided to do a blog post.

I also went to the store and bought a new toothbrush.

So I was out 15.99 plus postage for the battery, and had to buy a new one anyway.

I actually bought another Oral-B though. I hope the battery lasts longer.