Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is a Fair Price for Cable TV?

I don't watch that much TV. Usually I watch for an hour before bed.

I have digital cable from Comcast with an HD Comcast DVR. We are getting it for $72/month or $2.40/day.

My cable bill is more than my electric bill, my water bill or my heating bill. What is more valuable TV or electricity?

Cable TV seems like it costs more money that it is worth. I like watching Burn Notice, but paying $2.40 per episode for the right to do that seems high. I have been thinking of other video providers.

In our area, I can get ATT U-Verse. I dug through the different rates, and it is very similar in price to Comcast --for similar service, and when the temporary discounts end. It is about $70/month. Direct TV seems a little cheaper, if we got the dish, I think it would be $10/month less.

There is a big price upcharge to move from standard analog cable to HD DVR service. I am not paying for all the TV I watch, since I don't watch that much, but I am paying for the right to watch it in HD when I do watch.

The intriguing option is to pull down some FREE HDTV from the local TV stations. Living in a close-in suburb, our reception is pretty good. Unfortunately, our Comcast DVR does not record broadcast TV, naturally, why would it?

A step forward is a Tivo, which is just a DVR really. With a Tivo, I can start recording some free broadcast TV, download some programming from Amazon, iTunes or maybe Hulu. I could download Burn Noticefor $1.99.

Leave a comment on the kind of TV you have, and whether I should get a Tivo!