Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got the Water Heater Blues

I've got the water heater blues.

I was surprised to learn when I arrived home tonight that the water heater had been out all day.

I am always in a bad mood when I have a car or appliance repair to deal with -- really grouchy.

This is a fancy electronic water heater, and the electronic controller is confused. It is seven years old, an AOSmith FPSH-75. The controller keeps lighting the burner then turning it off. It does that several times, then shuts off. Oh, and a little light blinks an error code: "General Controller Failure."

The internet says to clean my flame sensor, which I did but that did not help.

My neighbor who is in the trades recommended a heating/cooling guy to fix it, but the guy did not answer tonight.

It will be a shower at the Y in the morning.

More on water-heater blues tomorrow. If tomorrow's post is on buying a new hot waterheater, you will know how it turned out.

Epilogue: I called Flo-Aire Heating and Cooling here in Southgate, and they fixed it on the same day. The problem was the flame sensor as I thought. $435.