Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9 - The Image Recognition Viral Game

District 9 is the new movie for this weekend, and I'll post my review tonight.

There is buzz about the game Sony put on the website, which uses your webcam to recognize a printed key. The image is at right.

So I had to try this out.

I printed out the image. Logged onto the website , and fiddled with my flash settings so that the computer's camera worked, and got into the website. It recognized the image --playing a little video and starting the game. Success.

Unfortunately, the game hung right there. I retried in Firefox since I had been running in Safari. Both did the same thing. Maybe there was too much traffic?

So, the image recognition worked OK. It was somewhat less than cool, and nothing like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. . . . . maybe this would have been cooler on an iPhone. I suppose everything is.

The overall experience was bad though, because the game never played. That is OK since I have better things to do than play video games anyway. The goal was just to see what the buzz was about.