Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wine Protects Against Gamma Rays

In a sign there really is a God, the red wine chemical resivitrol has been proven to protect against gamma radiation. Resivitrol of course is the famous anti-oxidant found in RED WINE.

This shows that heavy drinking is not an irrational response to nuclear attack. Something many of us knew instinctually ;=)

In a nuclear explosion, all three forms of radiation are abundant, but the gamma radiation is hardest to shield against.  Oncologist Joel Greenberger of U of Pittsburgh speculated that chemicals that prevent oxidation would help, and they do.

The beneficial effect of wine and resivitrol in protecting against "nuclear fallout," hurts when radiation is given therapeutically to battle cancer tumors. This is because radiation tears up the body forming free radicals, and if oxygen gets to them quickly the free radicals become stable compounds. On the other hand, if the oxygen is absorbed by anti-oxidants, the damage may be repaired. Anti-oxidants help cancer patients feel better, but in doing so they reduce the beneficial effect of the drug on the tumor -- that is they help the tumor too.

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