Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Are the Mighty Fallen: Curt Johnson the Child Abuser

Grim looking Curt Johnson at his hearing.

Former Johnson Polymer Chairman and owner Curt Johnson was arrested and arrained for sexual assault on his 15 year old stepdaughter.  For prurient details see here and here.

Being an heir to a fortune is not a good way to raise a child, and Curt has been in trouble before.  Bill & Melinda Gates' idea of giving their money to charity and not to their kid seems pretty good.

Depravity and immorality hits billionaires who should know better. Of course, high school dropouts should know better too.

I recall when Woody Allen hit on his step daughter (though she was over eighteen),  his wife hit the ceiling and divorced him. I can't imagine Curt's wife would be any different. Of course, Curt's wife is his second wife, and she used to be his secretary . . .

Oh, and Curt could get 40 years.
Curt Johnson looking good during
better times.