Friday, March 25, 2011

I like "The Daily"

The Daily is a daily download for iPad from media tycoon Rupert Murdock. It is a daily magazine with news, sports, gossip and entertainment. While I still love my Kindle, The Daily is what the iPad is made for. Interesting content refreshed everyday with big pictures. Plus it has stories that aren't just rehashes of what I get on Google News or

The Daily is a little light on real news; I assume they think you are reading Google News on the side. It is mostly feature story news, which is why I say it is more of a daily magazine. There are an assortment of video stories inside, and The Daily opens with a video teaser for the rest of the issue.  

It does have a crossword and a Sudoku, so that is making it more of a newspaper. My Detroit Free Press on the Kindle has neither of these.

Of course, The Daily does not have the movie schedule and neither does the Kindle version of the Free Press.

I like it. After the two week free period I subscribed.