Monday, September 7, 2009

We visited Greenfield Village, the outdoor historical museum in Dearborn Michigan today.

I was surprised how enjoyable the day at Greenfield Village was. We went there on Labor Day and visited an eclectic collection of historical homes, late 19th Century workshops and a vintage farm. This is a large site and there is a lot to see. We spent four hours and saw about half of the Greenfield Village proper, and did not venture to the Henry Ford Museum itself.
It is hard to say what the best part was. Places like the boarding house where Thomas Edison's Menlo Park staffers lived actually had a lot of depth to them. 

There was a 1880's physician's office, and I was surprised to see the backroom where he made his elixirs in bulk - three fifteen gallon tanks, and many smaller barrels. Also a collection of molars. 

Jenny, because of her wool business, liked the water-powered carding mill, and of course the Marino sheep.

Not everything was outstanding, for example they had Edison's Florida Workshop, but all the equipment was behind glass, and hard to see. Somewhat better was replica of one of Edison's DC electric power plants, with authentic machinery inside. 

Oh, if you go, try the Hard Apple Cider.