Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Unreal Scene - Great Optical Illusion Display in Dresden

This optical illusion caught my eye, and the reason that it works so well is that the man is clearly standing behind the chair. If this is a trick in perspective, then the woman has to be far behind him.

Click here to see how the illusion is done.

This illusion is from the Tour of the Senses show in Dresden Germany, that has several other illusions that are more commonplace. The show closes today.

I also found this clever illusion, which is fun to look at, and I stared at it a long time. They call it Escher's Dice or Mobius Dice.

Sadly it was Photoshopped together from two photos. This blog describes how one guy made it at home. Photograph the "L" of dice forming the two left-most sides while lying on a table, and then paste a stack of 3 vertical dice on the right. It would be fun to try, but it would probably take half a day.

I found it on the Daily Telegraph, which has a few more illusions. Also check out my February 8th post that has another of my favorite optical illusions.