Friday, September 18, 2009

Foreign Media Exaggerate Carter's Racism Charges

I occasionally read foreign papers when I bored with American ones, and I was taken with a piece in the Singapore based Straits Times, that tried to explain Carter's complaints about Obama's critics. I don't mind American pundits waxing on about America's problems, but I don't like critics from half way around the world doing it -- I don't know why.

The different sites run the spectrum, Al Jazeera's english site makes the US look pretty bad.   This German posting plays up the worst aspects of the conflict and amplifies the Nazi connections. They ran the picture at right -- supposedly from a Tea Party street protest. This Austrian article simplifies the argument so much that it sounds like a battle between Obama and Representative Wilson only.

UK's Mirror had a neutral article except that it hopscotched over to Obama's babbling about Kanye West saying "He is a Jackass," -- a quote that mainstream American media edited out based on their dubious "talking on background" rule.

On the other hand, this UK article and video clip were very much like American ones.

I have two observations, most people don't know the difference between a Fascist and a Socialist, and that the World pays more attention to America, than we think.