Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Mourn the Death of The Daily

The Daily, a iPad-only newspaper from News Corp, is dying, and will expire on December 15. See my previous post on The Daily.

 object to all the wags who say that you can get on the content for free. Wrong. The Daily gave me an all-in-one place reading experience far better than the free (or paid) version of USA Today or the Detroit Free Press. Critics don't understand how nice it is to get The Daily without trekking outside in the cold pick up a physical paper, or without tolerating the repetitiveness free online news sites. Sometimes it is nice to have editor for the news.

It had some great features especially the advice column, "The Croquette," which deserves to continue in some other paper. The Croquette blogs at, but its not the same.  The Sudoku page is the best I have ever seen. All the challenge, with very little bothersome scribbling.

The only bright side is the Rupert Murdock's ultraconservative editorial page is dying too.

The Daily was ahead of its time. Where will I find a substitute?