Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WHO Says Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

It was a sad day for the UN when the World Health Organization WHO and its International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC drank the Kool-Aid and irresponsibly declared that cell phones are "possibly carcinogenic to humans."  See my original post on this topic from October 2010.

The primary way to tell cell phones don't cause cancer is by thinking about it. Cell phones use radio waves, and radio waves cannot break chemical bonds. At worst they can make molecules rotate faster which makes your ear warmer. The photos below illustrate this.  Here is a scientific article biologically showing your head is reacting like it is warm, because it is warm. See also.

At left is before the cell phone, and at right is after. This is 
an infrared image showing the cell phone made the head
warmer. This is the only possible effect of radio waves. 
Your head gets warmer. You get the same effect from 
wearing a hat.   Do hats cause cancer?

There are 2,400,000,000 cell phone users in the world. Do you think that it cell phones caused cancer that the rare cancer glioma would still be rare? (Glioma is alleged to be caused by cell phones.) This is not like some never-tested new lab chemical; we have 2,400,000,000 "lab rats" out in the world proving that cell phones don't cause cancer.

I defend the United Nations against global trade opponents and paranoid conspiracy-theorists, but then the UN comes out with a crack-pot report like this. My previous post was based on UN data on energy generation.

Why did IARC make this declaration? It appears to be a self-propagating momentum. Rather than thinking about it, IARC is going to confuse billions of people. 

The worst part is that people are going to spend time worrying about cell phones instead of quitting smoking or using sunscreen. Click here to learn about preventable cancers.