Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marshmallow Mellow

One of the most notorious drug commercials is the Zoloft marshmallow commercial because it uses cute marshmallow people to coax people into using psycho-tropic drugs.

Feeling a little down? What to feel better? Take Zoloft.

Of course everyone feels bad sometimes (exhausted, hopeless, lonely.)  Like the commercial says: You shouldn't have to feel this way anymore!

Here is the original TV commercial.

The ads were designed by Patrick Smith from NYC. Smith directed many commercials and several MTV cartoons including Daria, which was a favorite of mine.

Below is the print ad. Arn't the little blobby people cute?

I tried to get Zazzle to make me a Zoloft marshmallow-person coffee cup, but they wouldn't because of the copyright.