Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haitian Pregnant Women Eat Mud Cakes!

I'd like to believe it wasn't true, but mudcakes are a traditional food in Haiti. These aren't Mississippi Mud cakes which are made from chocolate and coffee -- these are made from central Haitian mud. The best mud is trucked in from the countryside for better flavor.


5 cups mud (yellow clay is best)
2 1/2 cups water
1 cup butter or lard (optional)
1/2  cup salt

Mix well and pack into a pan

Bake at 300 F until firm, but not brittle.

Traditionally pregnant women ate them, and they have lots of calcium. Mud cakes are also a natural anti-acid; plus they make your hunger pangs go away. Unfortunately they are probably constipating since the calcium binds proteins in your bowels together.

In normal times, mud cakes are food supplements, and one site called them cookies -- which does not seem as bad. Sadly, this is an indication of just how desperately poor Haiti is.

I have to say that eating mud is probably an ancient practice that dirt poor people have always done. It is sign of our prosperity that I have not eaten mud since third grade.