Saturday, January 10, 2009

iPod Touch in a Prius

As the snow gets deeper in Southgate, I decided to make my iPod Touch play in my car, which is a 2006 Prius. The iPod touch uses the same plug interface as the older iPods. I had hooked it up using a box from Dice Electronics

The older Dice Model that I had did not work correctly with the iPod Touch. More specifically you had to reset switches on the case to disable the higher functionality. Before the Prius could control the iPod, but now it cannot.

A fellow named Chris Dragon wrote a nice illustrated installation guide. I used this on my three hour trek to open up the dash and close it up again.

This went pretty well despite the low temperatures in the garage. None of these adventures goes according to plan. A one point I had the whole dash buttoned up, and I plugged the iPod in and it did NOT work. Well, it only took thirty minutes to getting running. I suppose I am getting better at it.

Having said that, there is a crazy video of someone disassembling a Prius Dashboard in FIVE minutes. This guy is pretty speedy. The Prius seems to be designed more for speedy assembly than for speedy disassembly in my eye.