Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just saw Religulous (click here for my review), and it deserves more comment than its value as a movie. This is pop entertainment and not a comparative religion study.

One interesting part was the parallels between the Egyptian god Horus and Jesus. Maher said that both had a virgin birth on December 25, had twelve disciples, got crucified, and rose from the dead. Most of these are wrong on their face: no scholar believes Jesus was really born on December 25 - the Romans moved it to the day of their Saturnalia festival; the Romans invented crucifixion, and lots of ancient deities rose from the dead.

Wikipedia is its own world. It is interesting that someone has purged the Horus entry of all Jesus references. One finds this Jesus-Horus stuff mostly in pop religion movies (or here.)

I have decided that the Jesus/Horus parallel is not a serious topic. The Horus myth is pretty creative for example his mother sewed his father's severed body together so that she could conceive Horus.