Monday, August 25, 2008

Let Me Tell You How Much I Hate Excel: Mac 2008

This is not a review for Excel, but it is an expression of my frustration.

I hate Excel for Mac 2008 not because of what it does, but because of what it does not do. I hate it because of how it failed to be the program that it could have been. Excel X was a fine program with all the functionality of the Excel 2002 for XP product and somewhat more style. This latest version is a reason to buy a PC. I can't believe it how poorly it handles Macros and it does not even have the "statistics toolpack."

There should be a law against companies taking good software labels and putting out diluted lite versions in their place. This is like movie sequels: Clone Wars of software. You can't stop them.

Quicken Online is the same story.

I want to close with an anti-commercial for OpenOffice. Yes OpenOffice works OK, and it does kinda run Excel Macros, but its not ready for prime time either. Having plunked down my money for this castrated version of Excel, I see no reason to run OpenOffice -- except perhaps residual frustration with Bill Gates.