Sunday, August 24, 2008

Debut of Depth of Processing: Movies

I have been reviewing all the movies that I see since 2001. I do it because it helps me remember them more slearly, and I suppose I enjoy it more.

I appreciate that few people ever read my reviews, and that my reviews are mostly for me. If you look at the traffic to my site, you can see that it is mostly me. Of course my opinions about movies are as valid as anyone's.

Anyway, I created a new Blogspot site, and I am going to try to link them together pretty well. Blogspot is far easier than my old movie blog that I hosted on Although .mac was a good server, the upload rate was not good. The last straw was when I lost about six months of reviews during a service outage. (See my Heavy Lifting Post below.)

It took some time to import the html from the old site, but Blogspot does not support a lot of tags, so I ended up editing in simpler and simpler styles. For example, I couldn't paste the tables into Blogspot, and then the Blogspot importer inserted lots of redundant tags.

An upgrade that I want to do, is links to movie art - that is movie posters. I can't seem to find a good source for that. IMDB pictures are embedded in some active code, and I can't extract the image only.

Leave me a link if you know how to do that.