Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nike Pegasus Zoom 33 Review

It has only been 6 weeks since I got my Ghost 9's, but I have been having a sore knee. I went with my DW to Dick's Sporting Goods. I had time to kill while she looked at jackets.

I tried on these Pegasus, because I know some people love them.

I was surprised at how stiff they were on the inside of the foot. This seemed like it would be easy on my right knee, which has been hurting.

I ran 11 miles today in the new shoes, and my knees feel great.

I have also been babying them by running on a grade.

These shoes are pretty light at 311 g per shoe. This is 24 gram/shoe lighter than my Brook's Ghosts 9s.

They are nice looking shoes with a red-fade-to-black upper and the novel sticking around the laces. I like the hollow bottom under the heel too.

June 30 Update: Initially these shoes were great. They are more structured than other shoes and they gave me support that I wasn't used to. They are still OK, but I find after a few miles my fore foot is getting sore, and changing shoes makes that better. I am surprised that they wore out so fast since I have been rotating between multiple pairs of shoes. I have no more than 450 miles on these shoes, so it feels early to retire them. Perhaps I am being cheap, the websites say 350-500 miles is reasonable depending on your weight.

Perhaps that low density EVA foam is not holding up like it should. The midsole is sunken in the fore foot. The innersole is nearly new.