Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Stock Market Increases Across the World

I have assembled the stock market increases for 2012, and I say increases because they are all increases. The collective stock market is higher today than it has been since the crash in 2008.

Leading the pack in 2012 is the German DAX with 29% increase and pulling up the rear is London at 5.9%. The American markets did poorer than others, but when judged over the 2011-2012 span they did better. Europe and China took big losses in 2011 that we did not see here. The Nikkei (Japan) and the Hang Seng (China) are up strongly, but are coming off weak 2011 performances.

What is best for next year?    It is a good bet for the laggards to bound ahead, so that bodes well for England.  Typically markets over-react and everyone tends to be average over time.