Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paleo Diet

Got a look at a diet based on pre-civilization human diets. The big difference is no grain, no legumes, and no dairy, so it is an unusual diet. The study was published in 2009, and it was done by five guys at UC-San Francisco School of Medicine with Frassetto as first author.

Generally I am skeptical of "the past is better than today" diets. My knowledge of hunter gather culture is that people at a narrow variety that varied with the seasons. Frassetto's point was that some foods we have not evolved to eat. (This contradicted by the widely accepted notion that the ability to metabolize lactose post adolescence was a genetic adaptation to dairy farming.)

From Frassetto (1992) Euro J Clinical Nutrit. 1-9
As you might expect the people on the diet got healthier. Lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose.