Monday, May 9, 2011

Anti-Science Cholesterol Deniers Deserve to Die!

I gotta say that I am tired of science deniers: evolution, global warming, and now cholesterol. Why are people so skeptical of sensible topics and forget skepticism when they need it: astrology, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and the Laufer Curve?

The notion that cholesterol does not cause heart disease got me started.

Look at the graph at the right. See how a small increase in cholesterol from 199 to 240 increases the risk of heart disease by 80%.  If you were an actuary, I'd be able to prove that to you.

There is plenty of data -- if data mattered to people. A Lancet meta-study from 2007 that summarized 61 studies involving 900,000 people!!

This showed that middle aged adults were TWICE as likely to have a heart attack with high cholesterol. As you get older, the effect of cholesterol is a little less, only 1 in 3.  High cholesterol also increases the chances of stroke.

I think juicy steak corrupts people's minds. If you disagree, try the Flat Earth Society.