Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cub Fans Low Testosterone Get Them Lower Auto Insurance!

Extra testosterone in the drivers blood after the ball game may
have lead to this crash. 
If we go to a ball game, and our team wins, we are more likely to die in the car going home, than if our team loses. Such is that evidence from Prof Melayne McInnes at U of North Carolina.

She looked at accident statistics when the home team won compared to when the home team lost. She looked at 271 games. Alcohol is a factor in post game accidents, but this effect was not due to drinking.

This is pretty quick and easy study. Just look up some sports scores, look up some traffic statistics, and then a little multiple regression.  What an easy way to get a thesis done!

The theory goes that winning increases testosterone in fans which increases aggressiveness when driving which leads to accidents.  Losing teams fans decrease in testosterone and that leads to submissiveness and safer driving. The study supports the theory.
The insurance industry owes
a refund to Cub fans.

On the other hand, real data with solid serum testosterone levels are far less clear. The idea that testosterone increases aggression is mostly anecdotal. There is one real study showing the opposite effect -- athletes with LOW testosterone get  MORE injuries -- probably because testosterone builds up bulkier muscles that are more resistant to injury. There is one study using blood testosterone levels that observed only weak insignificant effects on aggression.

High testosterone levels would be expected to increase sexual interest in men, but the data are conflicted showing both yes and no.

The bright side is that the Cubs are probably keeping my auto insurance down.  Also the  Lions.