Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poop at Midnight and HELP in the Morning

Hospital Adventures continued from the last posting:

On Sunday I got a new roommate because my alcoholic/drug addicted former roommate checked out, and I thought at least I'd be free of his snoring. The Nurse said the new guy was deaf, so I thought he'd be quiet anyway, and besides I could turn the TV volume up all night if I wanted.

At 11:00 PM on Sunday night my new roommate pooped his pants. OMG. The poor nurse and nurse's aid had to clean him up. I would absolutely hate to clean some 90 year old guys pants up. Oh and the smell. I wheeled my IV pump down the hall, and sat in a darkened waiting room -- with my beloved Kindle. The smell was still bad 90 minutes later when I came back.

In the morning, or near morning at about 4:45, suddenly a woman start yelling, "HELP, HELP." So I am tired, and I hear someone yelling "HELP," but I can't get up as I am attached to devices. My sleepy confused mind could not figure out what to do. Should I do something? What?

Then, for the next two hours, this poor person kept yelling "HELP, HELP" whenever the nursing staff tried to calm her down, and get her back to bed. Once again, I would hate to be a nurse if the patient yells like she is being raped every time someone tries to help her.

Finally Monday came, and I had my procedure, and got to go home.