Friday, May 28, 2010

Opossum Eats(!) Greg's Late Spring Tomatoes :-(

An opossum that lives in the woods in the back. 
This was going to be a posting celebrating the tomato harvest on May 28th, which I am still proud of, but the opossum came by and ATE my tomatoes. Oh No!

Tomato skins that remain from the opossum.

Here is the residue from the missing tomatoes.

Happily there were a few tomatoes left. These were Sunsugar Cherry Tomatoes. They are orange colored, and usually sweet. These tomatoes -- like all very early ones -- are not sweet like they will be in late July.

Cherry tomatoes from another plant. 
The secret to early tomatoes is to get them to set fruit when they are still inside under the lights. If you move them out too early then there won't be flowers that get fertilized.  The fruit that sets outside won't be ready until July.

The warm weather this year really helped. I started these tomatoes in February, and used lots of Miracle Gro.  I used the Wall-O-Waters; see this post for details.