Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pithy Profane Posting

Motivated by Hit Girl's language, in the movie Kick-Ass and all of the reaction to an eleven year old talking like that, I wanted to do a posting on profanity.  Detroit News critic Tom Long said:

Most of the controversy surrounding the movie involves the wisdom (or lack thereof) in letting an 11-year-old girl use language like that.  Very little of the controversy has to do with the fact that the little girl's character probably shoots, guts, gouges and otherwise rips to shreds more than 50 adults in the course of the movie.

I have been interested in the word "Fuck," and how it is possible for a word to be profane for 550 years. Can you imagine 22 generations of boys and girls saying "fuck," and then growing up and telling their kids not to.

In researching this, I found Wikipedia beat me to it. The Wikipedia article on the word "fuck," is more pithy, better researched and more thought provoking that I can hope to be.

It says that the emotional reaction of the "F-word" comes from its twin meanings of destruction and sex.  The two together have kept people outraged for five and half centuries.

I doubt one pint-size super hero can change that.