Friday, December 11, 2009

What is more sleazy Pro Wrestling or Banks?

It used to be I would look over my mail and email for the real companies and the fake scammers. Recently my bank JP Morgan Chase  -- known to regular people as Chase Bank-- has started scams as bad an any pro wrestling promoter.

They send me sleazy payment insurance plans, and gauge me for cash advances.

The banks used to have a reputation as conservative and helpful members of the community. It used to be the my local banker looked out for my best interest. Now the large banks are predators that try to steal money with misleading bills, biweekly credit card payment dates and unreasonable charges for anything extraordinary.

Interstate banking together with the go-go wall-street culture has wrecked trust with the bank.  I trust most any company more than Chase bank now.

I suppose that makes it time for a credit union.


The picture at the top is by Stanley Donwood.

Donwood says: "I've got nothing against goats, I've just discovered that if I draw a goat, give it the mouth of a rapacious carnivore then dress it in the suit and tie of a disgraced banker or politician it looks fucking evil."  Donwood may be familiar from the  band Radiohead's artwork.