Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 Pinot Grigio

I was pleased with how the Merlot is going so I started my white this week. The truth is that I wanted White Zinfandel, but they were out. Pinot Grigio will always remind me of the movie Sideways.

The juice is 6 gallons from Lodi Gold in California. The juice just tastes wonderful. I hope the wine tastes as good. I have transfered it to a clean container for the initial fermentation, and put in the sulfite.

The initial density is only 1.072 g/ml, so I am a little concerned that this wine will be too weak. I may need to add some sugar, or perhaps some sweet fruit juice. This will make a wine of 9.2% alcohol, as compares to over 14% for my Merlot, which itself could be higher.